Groundbreaking Innovation Across Sectors

Who We Are

Naoris Protocol is at the forefront of revolutionizing cybersecurity with its pioneering Decentralized Cybersecurity Mesh and Digital Trust Architecture.

Led by industry experts with decades of experience and guided by cyber pioneers all committed to advancing the frontiers of cybersecurity and trust, Naoris Protocol is specifically designed to restore cyber-trust between between organizations, operations, and digital systems that previously could not trust each other.

Our innovative platform provides users, enterprise, and governments the trusted cyber-assurance needed to secure systems and manage ecosystem partners and assets outside the traditional perimeter, powering the transition from isolated castles, to incentivized community models of computing.

By securely validating the systems that rely on high quality data from outside the classic cybersecurity perimeter, Naoris Protocol delivers Decentralized Zero Trust for data and assets.

Naoris Protocol is the trusted backbone for mainstream real-world adoption of Decentralized Physical Infrastructures (DePINs) across industries like defense, government, banking, and healthcare Enterprise, Defense, Govt, Banking, Insuretech, Robotics/Automation & Healthcare.

Tech Incubator Validation

Distinguished as winners and finalists across multiple global accelerators & incubators spanning sectors like banking, telecommunications, cloud computing, and industrial manufacturing, Naoris Protocol brings real world deployment potential featuring unique technologies such as Post-Quantum Blockchain, Decentralized Swarm AI and custom-built dPoSec trust consensus.