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Naoris Protocol: A Brief History


  • David Carvalho attends a nation-state level meeting with former Head of NATO/OTAN Intelligence Committee Kjell Grandhagen which prompts David to research the use of blockchains and smart contracts for better cybersecurity and inter-network trust.


  • Naoris formed as an R&D project to research advancements in blockchain, AI & data science as alternative approaches to traditional cybersecurity tools and practices.

  • Accelerator: Finalist WeXelerate



  • Market feasibility testing via POC with EU industrial clients

  • Accelerator: Finalist Mass Challenge

    • Mentored by executives from Cisco, Raytheon, Morgan Stanley

  • Accelerator: Winner Holt Fintech Accelerator

    • Holt Exchange are now key investor & partner

  • Accelerator: Winner ‘Most Disruptive Cyber Vendor 2020’ Cyber Security Awards

  • Naoris Protocol formed by David Carvalho and Monica Oravcova to tackle the most critical areas of business and governance, leveraging a dedicated blockchain consensus and AI to unlock a new era in cybersecurity & standardisation.

  • Accelerator: Finalist StartUp Chile

  • Accelerator: Winner Accelerator: Winner Chile Global Ventures


  • POCs with multiple banking & financial institutions, onboarding clients onto testnet

  • Accelerator: Winner Expert Dojo

    • Now investor

  • Accelerator: Finalist K-Startup Grand Challenge

    • Awarded Grant

  • Embarks on Protocol build

  • Establishes customer pipeline & GTM strategy

  • Signs LOI/MOU to protect 80 EU smart cities

  • Generates revenue from MSS sales & SaaS model



  • Testnets

  • Airdrop

  • TGE