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$NAORIS  Proof of Trust Economy

$NAORIS token is the native utility token of the Naoris Protocol network and ecosystem. Under the dPoSec consensus mechanism the $NAORIS token offers an always-on record of device validations, that can be shared as provable results between ecosystem participants

$NAORIS ensures trust and security across disparate networks and systems and is crucial in the validation of cyber-secure systems over time that are immutably secured on-chain.


$NAORIS is the life-blood that validates security across ecosystems transferring value between devices

Trusted Validations

Devices are rewarded with $NAORIS tokens for secure validations, value grows as more devices participate

$NAORIS Secure Mesh

$NAORIS transforms devices into cyber-secure and trusted validator nodes with millisecond validations

Incentivized Participation

$NAORIS incentivizes users to contribute to a secure, risk and reward based DePIN

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