What is Naoris Protocol?

Naoris Protocol is a self-validating cybersecurity enforcement protocol that restores cyber-trust across digital systems. By delivering verified cyber-status beyond traditional perimeters, it enables the enterprise to shift from a siloed & centralized cybersecurity model to a decentralized community compute model.


Naoris Protocol’s mission is to restore cyber-trust in digital systems and data quality, while delivering verified cyber-status beyond enterprise borders, through  continuous immutable verification, enhancing the integrity and reliability of global digital infrastructures

Real-time Proof of Security

By integrating post-quantum cryptography, custom-built dPoSec consensus and Decentralized Swarm AI, cyber risks are reduced by an order of magnitude while real time proof of compliance can be shared between partners, ecosystems & regulators

Community Computing Model

Operating under a community computing model, devices are rewarded for actively contributing compute and security validations to the mesh, as part of a 'proof of trust' device-to-device economy, fostering a global network of secure validator nodes

Naoris Protocol makes networks
stronger as they grow, not weaker.
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Introducing the World's First

CyberSecurity Mesh

Building Provable Trust Between
Devices, Services & Organizations

Dedicated & Scalable

A DePIN for Cybersecurity and Digital Trust leveraging Decentralized Proof of Security (dPoSec) and post-quantum cryptography - mesh architecture transforms every device into an army of security nodes ensuring continuous  cyber-resilience

Rewarded For Contribution

Devices are incentivized and rewarded for contributing to a secure and decentralized mesh. Unlike centralized networks that grow weaker when more devices join, Naoris Protocol’s cyber-mesh grows stronger as more and more devices actively participate

Continuous Validation

Enterprises can be assured that the data they rely on comes from continuously validated sources - all device operations, API connections, applications and processes are verifiably measured under post-quantum backed consensus.


By transforming untrusted centralized networks into Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh Architecture (dCSMA), Web2 enterprises can participate in a shared trust revolution between multi-parties, ecosystems and regulators, where cyber threats are reduced by an order of magnitude and data quality is significantly enhanced.


Any blockchain can integrate, with nodes validated for trust and cyber-assurance in real-time. Blockchain protocols are liberated to operate within consensus validated decentralized infrastructure All deployed smart contracts are continuously scanned for vulnerabilities across code and live environments.

Proof of trusted operations increases the value of enterprise and ecosystem data & assets, creating new opportunities

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Sub-Zero Blockchain
Quantum-Resistant Blockchain
at the Heart of Naoris Protocol

In the digital era, the emergence of quantum computing poses an unparalleled challenge to traditional cryptographic security. Shor's and Grover's algorithms are significant threats to classical encryption, with Shor's breaking RSA, ECC and ECDSA, and Grover's offering faster searches for private keys risking double-spending and transaction alteration, necessitating quantum-resistant solutions. Naoris Protocol is at the forefront of post-quantum blockchain innovation and addresses this existential threat head-on with its quantum-resistant blockchain to safeguard the digital domain against the looming Q-Day quantum threat.

Future-Proof Security

Naoris Protocol's quantum-resistant algorithms offer a robust defense mechanism against quantum threats, safeguarding digital assets and data against future technological advancements.

Enhanced Trust

By providing a secure and immutable ledger resistant to quantum decryption, Naoris Protocol boosts trust between users, enterprises, and regulatory bodies, fostering zero-trust ecosystems

Post-Quantum Data

Incorporating quantum resistance from the ground up, Naoris Protocol sets a new standard for Web2 & Web3 ensuring that assets, data, and transactions secured today remain protected tomorrow

Quantum Scalability

High-Speed, Quantum-Safe operations, designed for efficiency, Naoris Protocol achieves high transaction throughput while maintaining quantum resistance ready for future advancements

Naoris Protocol's quantum-resistant foundation not only secures the present but also anchors the future of Blockchains & Web2 into the quantum age.

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Decentralized Proof of Security
A Revolutionary Consensus Mechanism

The Decentralized Proof of Security (dPoSec) consensus mechanism is a pioneering solution, custom-built by Naoris Protocol that revolutionizes the future of cybersecurity. By leveraging the collective power of network participants, it ensures continuous verification and validation of devices and networks, establishing a self-validating trust enforcement protocol. Built on zero-trust principles, dPoSec empowers devices to autonomously maintain and enhance network security, turning traditional cybersecurity models on their head.

Post-Quantum Data

dPoSec dramatically amplifies network security through its innovative decentralized approach. By incentivizing devices to act as secure validator nodes, it disperses the responsibility of security across the entire network, thereby eliminating single points of failure typical in centralized systems. This decentralized mesh of validator nodes continuously monitors and validates network operations, ensuring real-time cyber assurance and significantly reducing the attack surface.

Scalability and Flexibility

A key benefit is scalability and flexibility. Unlike centralized cybersecurity solutions that become more cumbersome and less effective as networks grow, dPoSec's decentralized nature allows the security mesh to become stronger with each additional node. This scalability ensures that the protocol can adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, providing a robust foundation for securing digital systems against both current and future vulnerabilities.

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Decentralized Swarm AI
Elevating Cybersecurity Through Collective Intelligence

Decentralized SwarmAI represents a groundbreaking advancement within decentralized cybersecurity, harnessing the collective intelligence of distributed AI agents. This technology orchestrates a network of decentralized artificial intelligence nodes to collaboratively identify, analyze, and respond to cyber threats in real-time. By pooling the diverse threat perspectives and capabilities of numerous AI entities, Decentralized SwarmAI delivers a dynamic and adaptive defense mechanism, far surpassing the capabilities of singular, centralized AI systems.

Real-Time Threat Response

Combines insights from various AI agents monitoring the ecosystem, allowing real-time detection and response to threats for instant updates, protecting system integrity and reducing damage.

Enhanced Resilience

Distributing security tasks across every node increases resilience. Swarm AI ensures the network stays robust against threats, as its collective intelligence adapts to new challenges.

Continuous Learning

As it encounters new threats the Swarm AI network collaboratively updates its knowledge base and strategies. This ongoing evolution ensures the mesh stays up to date & effective over time

Decentralized Swarm AI ensures an adaptive,
and scalable digital environment.

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