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Naoris Protocol | Newsletter 05

April 30, 2024

Dear Naorians!

We’re happy to deliver the 5th edition of our newsletter, from the most important updates of Naoris Protocol of the last 2 weeks!

As always we try to keep it short and sweet, so without further ado let’s get right into it!

Naoris Protocol Partners with WACEO

We are delighted to announce our partnership with WACEO 🤝

WACEO is a unique organization bringing passion, diversity, and inclusion to Web3 through a majority female team, helping provide more opportunities for legal and Web 3 women leaders!

Distributed Web 3.0 Infrastructures Are the Answer to Existing Cybersecurity Challenges

An insightful interview with our advisor David Holtzman!

David shares his insights to help us better understand the value proposition of Blockchain in Cybersecurity and how NaorisProtocol can play a key role! 🔥

The full interview is linked in the title 👆

🔥 Naoris Protocol launches it’s very own Meme Competition!🔥

Use your humor to create the best meme about Naoris Protocol, Cybersecurity, and WEB3!

May the best Meme win! 🖖


🥇 — $500

🥈 — $200

🥉 — $150

4️⃣ — $100

5️⃣ — $50

Rules 👉 https://medium.com/naoris-protocol/meme-competition-ad95b4a71255

That was it for today’s newsletter!

More exciting updates are coming this week, so ensure you catch them by following Naoris Protocol on social media!

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