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Naoris Protocol Partners with Radom Network, a Payment Infrastructure for the Decentralised Internet

April 30, 2024

Naoris Protocol, the Blockchain and AI-based Decentralised CyberSecurity Mesh that restores cybersecurity across all sectors of the economy, is delighted to announce a partnership with Radom Network, which provides a suite of Web3 payment solutions supporting on-chain subscriptions towards Cloud, SaaS, API, and Data services.

Radom is a suite of Web3 payment solutions that enables companies to process recurring payments in stablecoins and crypto for access to their services.

Whether offering a SaaS tool, an API, or any recurring service, Radom can automate payments and send notifications reminding customers to pay or top up their balance to ensure conversion.

Their products enable users to integrate a checkout widget onto a website, list services on a decentralized marketplace for discovery, and provide programmable notifications about changes to the state of subscriptions.

Whenever a new client subscribes, cancels, or upgrades their existing plan, Radom programmatically updates the information to automate the entire customer lifecycle journey.

Naoris Protocol is scaling the Decentralized Cybersecurity Mesh to protect every device in the digital world, allowing networks to defend themselves from cyber-attacks using disruptive Swarm AI and Blockchain technology. Naoris Protocol is designed to reduce cyber security risks and costs significantly, addressing the staggering $10 trillion global opportunity, which is the projected cost of cybercrime by 2025.

By converting traditionally untrusted network devices into a swarm of cyber-trusted validator nodes, Naoris Protocol makes networks stronger as they grow, not weaker. Powered by a tokenized cyber-secure machine-to-machine economy, single points of failure are converted into multiple points of defense that identify risks in real time under consensus. Naoris Protocol is also complementary — traditional cyber tools can operate freely without being in competition.

Naoris Protocol will integrate its Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh with Radom Network’s technology, providing a cyber-secure and validation layer across all devices that connect to their network.

By securing cyber integrity, Radom Network’s devices can communicate securely and safely whilst being protected from the vulnerabilities that Web3 inherits from Web2 by default.

Here are some examples:

  • Account hijacking risks at the node, user, and exchange levels
  • API tampering risks
  • DOS/DDOS attacks, data corruption or tampering with oracles
  • Internal threats to exchanges, oracles, protocols, bridges
  • Update poisoning
  • Evil maid attacks through hardware or firmware tampering
  • Identity and access management (IAM) vulnerabilities on nodes, users, oracles, bridges, and servers
  • Advanced persistent threat risks and service provider attacks on oracles and nodes

Christopher Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Radom Network commented: By partnering with “Naoris Protocol, we can offer a greater level of security in a completely new, decentralized layer of cyber to our users. This is particularly important in the payments industry due to the high potential for cyberattacks.”

David Carvalho, CEO, and Founder of Naoris Protocol says ”The payments industry has been plagued by cyberattacks, we are confident that Naoris Protocol will be able to give them peace of mind and leverage the existing distributed infrastructure as a defensive line, especially as their clients use self-custodial wallets. We are looking forward to the partnership and anticipate that it will be mutually beneficial.”

About Radom Network

Radom is a payment settlement protocol built for Web3-natives, enabling them to subscribe to online services and pay in stablecoins, using non-custodial wallets.

Web3-natives can subscribe to services directly on the Radom Marketplace or via a provider’s website with Radom’s checkout widget and operate entirely on-chain without the need to offramp.

Managing their subscriptions within a single decentralised application, users can keep track of their active subscriptions and historical expenses, with the flexibility to cancel at any time. Web3 startups and DAOs can reduce time to market, monetise, and scale quicker than ever before, by paying to access cloud, software and API services natively on-chain.

About Naoris Protocol

Naoris Protocol is the Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh for the hyper-connected world. Our disruptive design pattern makes networks safer as they grow, not weaker, by turning each connected device into a trusted validator node. A robust Blockchain protocol that every company can use to protect against the escalating levels of cyber threat.

Devices are rewarded for trusted behavior fostering a secure environment. Participants earn $CYBER staking rewards for securing the network.

The more users, businesses, and governance structures that use the Decentralized Cyberecure Mesh, creating networks of networks, the stronger and more secure it becomes.

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