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Naoris Protocol | Summer Round Up 2023

April 30, 2024

Greetings Naorians!

We are thrilled to reconnect with our loyal community and share some exciting updates about Naoris Protocol and the future of decentralised cybersecurity.

It's been a crazy summer for our C-Suite and Sales teams who embarked on a whirlwind tour to represent Naoris Protocol on the global stage.

Showcasing the power of our Decentralised CyberSecurity Mesh in the Telco, Smart Car, Robotics & Automation, IoT, and Smart Cities sectors, the world took notice, and so we’d like to share a few of those highlights with you below.

While the crypto and global market's ebb and flow, our devoted team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, developing all aspects of our mighty protocol with eyes on the core mission - to safeguard Web2 and Web3 with unwavering dedication and expertise.

In the coming months, we will keep you intimately connected with every aspect, from the latest tech developments to groundbreaking next gen product releases that harness Naoris Protocol’s unparalleled strength.

So, Naorians, buckle up for an incredible ride ahead. We are endlessly grateful to our community for the chance to create a better digital world…together we shall illuminate the path forward!

The Naoris Protocol Team

Winners of 'The Most Engaging Presentation' Award - Deutsche Telekom T Challenge 2023

Naoris Protocol are proud to be named as one of six winners at the Deutsche Telekom T Challenge Awards 2023

Co-founders David and Monica captivated the judges and audience and with our Decentralised Cybersecurity Mesh solution, as winners we want to share our winning presentation with our community.

The next step is to work with T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom on this amazing opportunity and integrate our Mesh Security solution with the Telco sector following this event.

🎖️ Here it is! Enjoy! Twitter Post

CAR Management Briefing Seminars Conference - Keynote Speech

Founder & CEO David Carvalho took to the stage at the prestigious CAR Management Briefing Seminars Conference in Canada with a thought-provoking keynote speech in collaboration with one of our key partners Level One Robotics to highlight the critical role of #cybersecurity in vehicles.

Naoris Protocol have integrated its technology with Level One Robotics with the aim to reduce all cyber threats facing critical car controls within the Smart Car industry to zero. Current Smart Car/E-Vehicle technology is centralised and vulnerable to attacks, Naoris Protocol is creating brighter a future in the sector where advanced connectivity and autonomous technologies are secured by Naoris Protocol's Decentralised CyberSecurity Mesh 👉 Twitter Post

Collision Conference & Expo - Keynote and Start Up Speeches

The Naoris Protocol team had a fantastic few days, knowledge sharing, networking, and inspiring at the Collision Conference!

Founder & CEO David Carvalho delivered a compelling session on the impressive centre stage, giving a quick overview of Naoris Protocol, the solution, and the people behind it! 👏

A big shout out also to CTO Sumit Chauhan, CFO Scott McAndrew, and the ever-dynamic Bus Dev team 👉 Twitter Post

Casablanca Smart City Event - Keynote Speech

Founder & CEO David Carvalho and advisor Nuno Marques de Almeida, University Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, gave their keynote speech at the 7th edition of Casablanca Smart City event by Casablanca Events et Animation, titled ‘Towards a Decentralised Cyber Security Mesh Future for critical engineering assets in Smart Cities’. 🕸️🔒 👉 Twitter Post

#FuturECar Conference - Keynote Speech

Founder & CEO David Carvalho, was invited to present on cybersecurity protection for the Smart & Electric Vehicle industry at the inaugural FuturECar Conference at the University of Windsor, Canada.

Naoris Protocol's compelling use case utilises Decentralised CyberSecurity Mesh and Swarm AI to secure all systems, devices and data associated with Smart/E-Cars.

The event was a great opportunity to present to Smart & Electric Vehicle industry professionals, including Prof. Jimi Tjong, Technical Lead at Ford Motor Company and Milan Gasko, President / CEO of Level One Robotics, who is an early Naoris Protocol investor.

Shattered Trust: Ledger’s New Recovery Feature Stirs Up Crypto Security Concerns

Ledger’s recent introduction of its new “Ledger Recovery” feature has stirred the proverbial pot. Aimed at mitigating the problem of users losing access to their cryptocurrency due to forgotten seed phrases or damaged hardware wallets, Ledger’s new $9 a month subscription service has elicited rigorous debate, with a myriad of questions around security and privacy.

In this analysis, our Founder & CEO offers a sobering and insightful view of the two main arguments 👉 Link

Naoris Protocol Analysis of Web3 cyberattacks in Q1 2023

The cyber attack trend on Web3 & DeFi shows no signs of receding, on the contrary it's increasing at an alarming rate.

Our analysis shows that there was a rise in the number of reported cybersecurity hacks on Web3 and DeFi in Q1 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 and 2021 – with 19 reported hacks.

Check out the full analysis here comparing Q1 of the last 3 years 👉 Link