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Naoris Protocol Welcomes New Advisor: Cybersecurity Expert Predrag Puharic

April 30, 2024

Naoris Protocol is thrilled to announce Predrag Puharic, a veteran in IT and Cybersecurity as our new advisor. With a storied career as an IT professional and lecturer in fields critical to our mission — including cybersecurity, information security, and online safety — Predrag stands out as a beacon of knowledge and experience. His expertise as a cybersecurity researcher & lecturer, coupled with his role at CSEC, makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Predrag currently leads the Cyber Security Excellence Centre (CSEC) as CEO and serves as the Principal cyber and infosec researcher at CPRC. Both entities are esteemed partners of Naoris Protocol, further deepening the synergy between our efforts.

Predrag’s role at Naoris Protocol will be multifaceted, providing strategic guidance around strengthening the Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh, ensuring network safety and fostering secure environments where every connected device acts as a trusted validator node.

“Our journey at Naoris Protocol is marked by continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence in technical and strategic capabilities within cybersecurity,” says David Carvalho, Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist at Naoris Protocol. “Predrag’s addition to our advisory team is not just a win for us, but a significant step forward for decentralized cybersecurity as a whole.”

“I am excited to join Naoris Protocol, a company at the forefront of blockchain-powered cybersecurity solutions,” expresses Predrag Puharic. “Their vision of a hyper-connected, secure world resonates deeply with my professional ethos. I look forward to contributing to a safer digital future.”

The addition of Predrag Puharic is a key step in our journey towards realizing a robust, decentralized cybersecurity mesh that benefits everyone. As more users, businesses, and governance structures adopt Naoris Protocol, we move closer to a world where networks become stronger and more secure with every connection.

Welcome aboard, Predrag! Together, we forge a safer, more secure digital world!