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Newsletter 2023 Round Up

April 30, 2024

Dear Naorians!

As we wrap up a pivotal 2023, we wanted to provide a year-end update on everything we’ve achieved, and have been working so diligently on behind the scenes.

It’s been a year filled with major technology builds, team additions, events and awards, and preparations for even bigger things in 2024.

The Naoris Protocol engineers have made great progress enhancing the core protocol technology, optimising blockchain speed, security, and scalability.

We showcased our advances at various tech conferences this year, demonstrating the capabilities of the Decentralised CyberSecurity Mesh to leaders in Telco, Banking, Automotive, Health Care, Insurance and the Defence industries. 

On the operational side, we on-boarded new core team and advisory members, as well as core collaborations with key partners. Our new additions are assisting in improving the security, resilience and testing of the protocol in preparation for launch!

All our behind-the-scenes work has set Naoris Protocol up for major growth in 2024. Next year will be our technology launch year, kicking off with our testnet programme to build out integrations with large global partners, decentralisation and adoption of the protocol, which will culminate in a token event. Please look out for updates and road map coming soon

As we celebrate the close of 2023, we look forward to a bright Naoris Protocol future. The team would like to personally thank you for supporting us on this journey.

Here’s to an even bigger and better 2024!

Partnership & Collaboration



PR & Articles


What to look out for in 2024...

Partnership & Collaboration
CPRC & CSEC Partnership
IBM Collaboration
Cap Mission Partnership

David Holtzman - Chief Strategy Officer - New Team member announcement

Predrag Puharic joins as advisor
Brigadier-General Carlos Ribeiro joins as advisor
Mr. Najib Kettani joins as advisor
Mr. Khalid BOUKSIB joins as advisor

T-Mobile win
Santander Finalists
Collision Conference exhibition & presentation
Presentation at CAR Management Briefing Seminars conference in Canada
FuturECar Conference at the University of Windsor
ISC2 Security Congress
ACAMS Luxembourg Chapter event
Eth LDN Hackathon
Attended IMF / World Bank Event in Marrakech
Meeting with the President of the Region of Casablanca-Settat
Attending Gitex Marrakech 2023
Keynote speech at Madeira Blockchain Conference 2023

PR & Articles
Forbes Publication - Monica Oravcova
Financial Times Publication
Thought leadership piece on Ledger Recovery debate
Expert Piece ‘Ransomware: Paying The Price Twice’
Cyber- Insurance Premiums PR
Web3 & DeFi Hack analysis report
Thought leadership piece on ChatGPT - David Carvalho
David Holtzman on the Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcast
TechTalks podcast David Carvalho
Monica Oravcova's comment on NotPetya publication
MoneyWeek interview with Monica Oravcova
Publication on the IOD - Monica Oravcova
Monica Oravcova's interview on DORA
David Carvalho's views on DORA
ChatGPT - CoinTelegraph - Monica Oravcova

Blockchain Protocols and Edge Computing Targeting Industry 5.0 Needs
Announcing Naoris Consulting advisory arm of Naoris Protocol

That was it for this year's newsletter!

More updates are coming next month, so be sure to catch them by following Naoris Protocol on social media!