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The Naoris Protocol TGE is delayed, and that’s a good thing, here’s why.

April 30, 2024

First, a quick recap of our important milestones!

Since inception, Naoris Protocol has been building at a pace. We raised $31M, onboarded key partners, expanded the team,and added some stellar advisors, all while growing an engaged and vibrant community.


We received investments from numerous funds, including Draper Associates, Holdun Family Office, BPMT Trading, Outlier Ventures, Synapse Ventures, Uniera Crypto, Holt Exchange, Expert Dojo, Duck DAO Dfinity, Milos Raonic (ATP tennis star) and several other investors and partners around the world.


We forged amazing partnerships with SupraOracles, Rigel Protocol, Router Protocol, Assure DeFi, Coinchange, Unilayer, Soma Innovation Labs, Dapp Play Store, WACEO, Moongate, Protico and Radom Network. In addition, our dedicated team has created a full pipeline of partnerships which we will be announcing weekly.


We also brought on heavyweight advisors such as the creator of the internet’s DNS system David Holtzman, Norway`s Chief’s of the Norwegian Armed Forces Cyber Defence, Inge Kampenes and Knut Grandhagen, Elena Gaudette Chief of Staff at Cisco Cloud Security, Hoda Alkhzaimi PhD Advisor Chief Information Security Officer Director of the Center of Cyber Security in New York University Abu Dhabi, and other influential PHD`s. This team of respected advisors are all backed publically by the former Chairman of NATO/OTAN Intelligence Committee, Kjell Grandhagen.

The involvement of this cadre of elite supporters is a testament to the quality of the Naoris Protocol project and team. Our supporters share our vision to bring the world’s first Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh to Web2 and Web3, to address the huge cybersecurity risks that now face our connected world.

So why the delay? The data says, not today!

Despite our extraordinary achievements, we cannot control the market conditions that have scuppered many crypto/blockchain projects. Given the recent collapse of many Web3 protocols, rising inflation, FIAT wobbles, geopolitical issues, and other external conditions, launching a TGE in this environment would be analogous to web3 suicide.

While we have successfully navigated the waves of crypto volatility, the data for a successful TGE is unequivocal — it shouts no! The figures don’t lie, in the last 3 months, there has not been a single successful raise. While it is disappointing to postpone the TGE, a delay will work in the best interests of the project, and the entire community will benefit if we practice restraint until the market supports the level of TGE we want to achieve.

So, for now, the Naoris Protocol TGE will be delayed. Putting an exact date on this will be futile, as no one knows what the markets will be doing in the next few months. Rest assured though, we will make an announcement with great fanfare when the TGE is viable, so please stay tuned to our social media channels.

In the meantime

We’ll continue to develop the product, meet our technical milestones and roadmap and keep the project's momentum at full steam. Our intention is still to deliver the highest quality protocol for our community, partners and investors. With the TGE on the back burner for now, we can focus all our efforts on the build. This will put us in an incredibly strong position when we eventually launch the token. We really appreciate your support so far, and we are optimistic that the markets will shine again, and when they do, we will be more than ready to take advantage and launch the TGE.

Thank you for your understanding.

Naoris Protocol Team.

About Naoris Protocol

Naoris Protocol is the Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh for the hyper-connected world. Our disruptive design pattern makes networks safer as they grow — not weaker, by turning each connected device into a trusted validator node. Naoris is a robust Blockchain protocol that every company can use to protect against the escalating levels of cyber threat.

Devices are rewarded for trusted behavior; fostering a secure environment. Participants earn $CYBER staking rewards for securing the network.

Decentralized CyberSecure Mesh creates networks of networks, the more business and governance structures that use it, the stronger and more secure it becomes.

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